This could be the Reason Your Steering Wheel Locks

Most car owners can attest that they have thought about all the possibilities when they insert their car key in the ignition and it could not turn. The first thing that comes into mind is a mechanical problem that will cost lots of money. This happens when the steering wheel locks and it’s an easy problem to fix. 

What Are the Main Causes of This

Various things lead to this problem which you can easily fix. You do not have to see a mechanic unless the problem persists. All you need is to learn how to deal with the problem without damaging your car. 

  • Issues with the Key

If your car key has issues, you are very likely to experience this problem. Worn out and bent keys are some of the key issues possible. The key might get inside the ignition cylinder but will not be properly aligned to turn and start the car. These issues can be fixed with ease.

How to Fix This

If the issue is a bent key, it should be flattened carefully while if it is a worn out one, it should be replaced. If not correctly flattened, this is a risk. With technology, it is now easier to get a duplicate.

  • Related Component Issues

There are several components that are related to the car ignition and can lead to your steering wheel locking. Once you have stopped the car and removed the key from the ignition, it can lock the steering wheel to a point that the key won’t turn. You are also likely to experience this problem if the battery is dead. The gear selector is also another reason your car key will not turn once it is in the ignition cylinder. 

How to Fix This

The easiest way to fix this is by jiggling the steering wheel while at the same time trying to turn the car key. This should be done carefully to avoid breaking the key and the car should be in parking. If it is the battery, get it replaced.

  • The Ignition Lock had Cylinder Issues

Issues with the ignition lock could be another reason your steering wheel locks. These issues are obstruction and springs or pins inside the key cylinder. Obstructions could be things such as debris inside the cylinder.

How to Deal with Obstructions and Stuck Springs

If the obstruction is causing your steering wheel to lock, you should remove whatever it is carefully and safely. For the stock springs, you should ensure that they are loosened by tapping lightly using a small hammer. If you have no idea how to do this, seek help from a professional to avoid causing damage.

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