How to Replace your Car’s Windscreen Wiper Blades

Replacing your car’s windscreen wiper blades need to be done periodically. Doing so is a simple task in itself, however if you do not do it regularly enough you could end up damaging your windscreen requiring windscreen repair or replacement.

Windscreen repair and replacement can be quite difficult. It is one of the most difficult and the most intimidating especially to anyone who is not used to it. It may seem quite an easy task when you watch someone else do it but the real task begins when you secede to do it yourself.

The most auto-parts shop may opt to repair the windscreen for you but some people always take the option of fixing the windscreen themselves. Windscreen repair and replacement are quite common and it is something that is done in the day to day life of people. The repair of windscreen could be done both at home and at the mechanics or the auto-spares shop.

To prevent having the need for a full repair or replacement, as they say, prevention is better than cure. That is why you need to replace your wiper blades when they become worn. The most common style used when repairing wiper blades is the hook style.

Step 1

Turn the car engine on and switch the blades on. Ensure the windscreens are moving well and turn them until they are mid swipe and then switch off the car engine. And raise the wiper blades so that they are upright and are at a perpendicular angle against the bonnet. Once this is done it will be much easier to remove the blades or remove the broken part. It is much easier to remove the blades in this position than in any other position.

Step 2

Use a pivot to lift the mechanical device. This will help in lifting the arm of the windscreen away from the windshield. After this is done the blade of the windscreen should start in a perpendicular position to the wiper. For full rotation, a clip or tab should be put to good use. Place a towel on the bonnet or anywhere else. This will act as a resting place for the bare wiper so that when the wiper that needs repairing is removed the other will use the towel as a leaning place.

Step 3

To release the connector it is advisable to pull the wiper blade downwards. The connector lower tabs can be pulled in most cases. If this is not done then a button is used to release the blade. Once the blade is disengaged from the entire blade then it is to be pulled down and then it can be removed from the hook.  At times force may be required to be used when removing the hook. This will help in releasing it from the corrosion and the debris that must have settled over time. After this is done the bare hook can be rested on the windshield against a rag that will be placed between the blade and the windshield.

Step 4

When the blade is set to point towards the windshield that is when the connector is slid into place. The blade should be placed in the right position until a click is heard or felt. The hook must be guided carefully before it is pulled for it to engage with the connector. Once this is done and the blade is carefully fixed into the right position then the process should be repeated for the next blade to be fixed. This will help in lowering the wiper blade.

After the entire process is competed the wiper blades should be tested and checked it the repair is complete and if they are functioning well.

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