When Purchasing New Or Used Car Thing To Consider

Many vehicle purchases start with one decision: New or used? There are many good vehicles out there. Ultimately, the decision to buy new or used vehicle depends on you, what you can afford and what will give you peace of mind.

For less than the value of the common new vehicle, you’ll be able to purchase a three or 4-year-old secondhand vehicle that’s bigger and packed with a lot of options. however, shopping for a second user vehicle has its gamble keep in mind that you just square measure shopping for a vehicle that somebody else has in hand and managed.

You do not know how it was driven or how it was treated. A used vehicle will almost certainly need maintenance and repairs while new vehicles will have warranties to cover any issue from bumper to bumper.

The Case for Buying New Car

For some people, buying used is not an option, they want a new vehicle. There’s definitely a pride of ownership and peace of mind to be the first owner of a vehicle. Other benefits include:

Reduced maintenance costs: a new vehicle does not need maintenance for the first 3000 thousand miles and then only an oil change and tuning will be necessary. Other auto dealerships will cover the costs of routine maintenance for a contracted time. The new vehicle will probably not need new tires, batteries, exhaust pipes and brakes during the first few years of ownership.

Warranty coverage: A new vehicle comes with a manufacturer warranty for at least three years, and some warranties last much longer. Under the manufacturer’s warranty, if something goes wrong with the vehicle the dealership and the manufacturer take the responsibility to resolve the problem.

Peace of mind: If you have problems with your new vehicle, you have legal recourse through state lemon laws. If you can show that your new vehicle is a lemon, you could receive a replacement vehicle or a refund.

The Case for Buying Used Car

If you are against the idea of buying a new vehicle, used vehicles have their own benefits:

Improved reliability: Although vehicles generally do not have the same guarantees as for the new, the original warranty is usually transferable to a second owner. Buyers of certified pre-owned vehicles from authorized dealers can purchase a late model and get the balance of the original warranty. Some buyers choose to add extended warranty packages.

Just like new: Another trend that makes buying used the best option is the certified pre-owned programs. The idea started with luxury brands such as Lexus and Mercedes – Benz and has become a viable alternative to vehicle buyers.

Tips on How to Become an Excellent Driver

Although driving seems as a fun and useful activity, it’s actually a dangerous task for someone without proper experience. Not only that you endanger your life while driving but also endanger the life of others if you don’t do it right.

However, you can’t learn without practice – that’s a fact. If you want to be an excellent driver, you might consider a few tips that will help you become one. Keep reading and allow us to introduce to you multiple useful tips on how to gain smart driving skills! Read carefully and please apply them while driving.

Take online driving course and practice alone

Today we can find everything we need by searching the web and driving courses is not an exception. In order to drive better and save money on your car insurance, you might consider taking one of the online driving courses. They can take points off your driving records and help you answer the driver’s license tests. Aside from taking the online course, you might as well practice driving alone.

Park precisely and carefully

Although it seems as the hardest part of driving, parking is actually a simple and easy task. If you’re a new driver, always practice parking your car someplace wide. That way you will be prepared for the traffic and city fuss without having to worry about parking properly. Don’t rush it! Park precisely and with care!

Always keep your hands at the proper position on the wheel

Learning how to properly keep your hands on the wheel at the right position is your driving instructor’s task. However, it’s not bad if you practice alone as well. Keep your hands lower, at 9 and 3 or 8 and 4 due to better control and stability. This way, your muscles are relaxed and you instantly become a better driver!

Adjust your mirrors before driving

Adjusting your mirrors is necessary for covering your blind spots. However, it’s not recommendable to do it while driving. Do it before you start the car and position your mirrors properly, according to your own measure.

Never, ever drive when you’re feeling sleepy, tired or drunk!

Driving in a sleepy, tired or alcoholized condition never turns out well and you must remember that! It’s always a better idea to take a cab or sleep over instead of driving in any of these conditions. Excellent drivers never break this rule!

So what if you get there 5 minutes sooner?

Don’t drive fast only to get sooner to your destination. You don’t gain anything except for a bigger risk of getting a speeding ticket or worse – get into an accident. Just drive carefully and at or below the recommended speeds.

Don’t panic when you get stuck in traffic or face a tough driving situation

Most fresh drivers panic when they get stuck in traffic or face a tough unknown driving situation. About the traffic – there’s nothing you can do about it! Accept this and always take some magazines or news papers until the traffic clears up. However, when you face a tough driving situation – handle it like a boss and not like a panicked crying baby! Stay calm, remember the driving rules, don’t do anything stupid and wait for your turn. Work together with others in order to improve the traffic and reduce the car accidents. Always know where you’re going and if you can’t remember roads and streets, use GPRS  or ask for directions!

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