How to Have a Better Experience with Your Race Car

You are an aspiring racer and you have been learning the art from seasoned racers and by trying new ideas. This is a technique that will take time and the secret is trying different ideas constantly. Mistakes happen on the track and while some are minor, others are quite costly. This is the reason whether you are a novice or a seasoned racer, you should learn the dos and the don’ts while on the track. 

  • Avoid Overdriving the Car

When you push your race car beyond its potential, then you are overdriving it. The secret is driving the car as you would on any other day such as being either on brakes or on gas. By doing this while on the track, you will have more control of the race car; you negotiate corners better, you drive faster, and rotate the car even better.

  • Don’t Take Risky Chances

Being on the track can be quite risky thus you have to be cautious. It’s easy to be tempted to take risky chances such as dangerous overtaking just to prove a point. Pay attention to the surroundings and do not be a safety hazard to other drivers. 

  • Do Not Put Excessive Heat on the Tires

When you put excessive heat on the tires, you will likely burn them. In most cases, you will find this happening when on flat tracks or when making tight turns. Putting the brakes on when taking a tight corner and hammering the gas pedal once they negotiate the corner is hard on tires. This abuses the tire and you might not even finish the race as the tire might be burnt before then. 

  • Don’t Underestimate the Importance of a Good Spotter

As a racer, you want to see what is happening behind you and ahead of you especially when race cars are lined up. You can work extra hard to do this but you don’t have to. The secret is having a good spotter. You get to see a lot more than your naked eyes can and you get to know which lane is the best for you. 

When you are on the track, drive on your line only, don’t underestimate the importance of a good spotter, don’t put excessive heat on the tires and respect other racers. This will see you enjoy your time on the track better.

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